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Why Join YBSClub? 

At YBSClub we have made it our task to help as many business owners as possible grow their businesses faster.

Why not start by joining as a free member or member of Success Club where for a small monthly fee we help you achieve Success in business, to find out more click the buttons below.

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We are committed to provide our members and customers with everything needed to ensure when people type in their name, business name or brand name, they are found.
We have created a range of products and subscriptions which are designed to teach you how to dominate Google and help you in the domination process.
We will even work one to one with you to ensure you achieve a strong presence on Google when anyone types in your name.
We will also ensure we keep ahead of the game as Google continues to refine its search algorithm, so you continue to STAND OUT.

Who will benefit from YBSClub?

Anyone who is running a business and has customers, clients and prospects who use the search engines to check them out before they buy from you. This is a growing number of people, which means you need to Stand Out.
Whatever business you are in, you need to be found online either for your name, business name or brand name or all three.
More and more people are going online to buy, even if you are not trading online you need to ensure you can be found online before you ask them to call you or visit you.

Why Join YBSClub?

As a member of YBSClub you will gain access to masses of information designed to help you stand out online.
You will also have access to everything you need to ensure when people land on your websites and Social Media, you stand the very best chance possible of them either buying from you online or contacting you to buy from you.
You will also have access to a range of products and subscriptions designed to help you stand out from the crowd.
You can even hire our services to build you an online presence or grow your contact base via Social Media or various other means.
We will even develop a list building system for you, so when people visit you they leave their details so you can communicate regularly with them, build a strong relationship and ensure they buy from you.

So how do you get started, just watch the video below and get started today.

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YBSClub Products and Subscriptions

At YBSClub we have created a range of products and subscriptions you can use to help you dominate the search engines and stand out from the crowd. To view all the products click the Choose A Product button below or select Products from the navigation bar at the top of each page.

Whichever method you choose we hope you find what you want.

We are here to help, so please do not hesitate asking us and we will make every effort to respond.

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Your SuccessWorking Together For Your Success.

Derek Kemp
Founder of
Entrepreneur, Author, Publisher & Business Coach

Remember Success comes from taking Massive Action

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    When people search for you online are they looking for you because you are the Authority in your market place. If so do you stand out from your competitors, if not why not.

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    Coming soon the first Business Showcase. An opportunity for a wide range of business owners to share their business with the masses and generate more leads and more sales.

  • Asset Builder

    Have you ever considered what the most valuable asset or any business is, well it’s not property and it’s not the products and services you sell or the equipment you own. All of these go up and down in value over time. The most valuable asset any business can have is the list of customers and prospective customers that have either purchased or shown a positive interest in what you have. We call the tool you need to be using for this process Asset Builder.

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  • How the Mind Works

    In this book you will learn how the mind works and why it is so important to understand the mind yet most people are never taught how. Imagine if you were given a manual on how to use your mind effectively at an age where learning was crucial to your success. Well now you can with How the Mind Works.

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  • You-Branded Done for You

    If you are an Entrepreneur, Speaker, Coach, Consult, Expert or Business Owner then this is for you, You-Branded Done for you will ensure you stand out online, become the Authority in your market place and the Brand Leader in your Industry. All essential to becoming World Class

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  • Discover 5 Steps to Standing Out Launched on Amazon

    The founder of Your Business Success Club launches his latest book on Amazon and Kindle today. After having written so many books and reports for the Internet Derek Kemp launches his first paper back book called Discover 5 Steps to being found online and Standing Out from the Crowd.

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    With over One Billion Accounts Facebook should not be ignored when telling people about your business. Even if you do not want a Facebook page, you do need a Facebook business page for your business if you sell to the general public.

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